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Structures of settler colonial domination in Israel and in the United States

By Johanna Fernández

December 8, 2017

Watch a webinar about systemic racism in the US and Israel.


Recent police violence in the US has sparked anti-racism protests around the world and ignited a discussion of systemic racism within many societies and political systems. Despite major differences in the regimes of oppression and discrimination in the US and Israel, certain parallels exist and serve to shed light on both systems. In the case of the US and Israel, the connections go beyond analogies and extend to material links between the respective security states and policing practices, including what has been called the "Israelization" of policing.

The Center of Palestine Studies at Columbia University and the Institute of Palestine Studies have invited a panel of scholars who specialize in these topics for an online discussion of these issues.

photo credit: Safa Khouli in the center, photographer Craig Ruttle